Liquid-Mirror Telescope

Asia’s Largest Liquid-Mirror Telescope Installed in Devasthal of Nainital

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The country’s first Liquid-mirror Telescope (ILMT) located at Devasthal in Nainital, India has entered its commissioning phase

It is situated at an altitude of about 8000 feet i.e. 2450 meters above sea level. it is fitted with a rotating mirror with a diameter of four meters.

ILMT is the third telescope to be operated from Devasthal. First is a 3.6 meter standard optical telescope and second is a 1.3 meter Devasthal Fast Optical Telescope.

It has been installed in collaboration with Belgium and Canada. A total of Rs 40 crore has been spent in this project.

Astronomers from Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) Corporation and The Center Spatial de Liège have collaborated to make it.

It is Asia’s largest liquid-mirror telescope and will observe supernovae, gravitational lenses, space debris and asteroids in the sky.