WhatsApp's Companion Mode Feature

WhatsApp is going to launch soon a new feature called Companion Mode 

Story by glancepost.com

This new feature will allow users to sync chat history between multiple devices. But this feature is not the same as the multi-device feature

This feature will be more useful for those people who use more than one devices and want to use WhatsApp on all devices

Using this feature, a WhatsApp user will be able to link his secondary device to his WhatsApp Account without internet connectivity

In Companion Mode a user can use one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones i.e. he can use WhatsApp in two mobile phones with the same SIM

A link generated in primary device will be sent to the second phone and WhatsApp can be seen in the secondary phone without internet

Currently WhatsApp allows users to access their account from desktop, tab and other devices while using WhatsApp account on smartphone

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