What are Instagram Link Stickers and How to Add Link Stickers to Instagram Stories

The concept of link stickers was introduced by Instagram in 2021. You can add link stickers to Instagram stories and get traffic to your blog/website.

Now a days, most of the people are using social media platforms to promote their business, bring traffic to their website or for affiliate marketing. Instagram is one of these social media platforms which is very popular among affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Earlier there was no option to add external links directly to Instagram. But, for this purpose, Instagram previously had a feature called Swipe Up. Through this feature, people used to bring traffic from Instagram. But this feature was later discontinued by this social media platform.

But seeing the importance of adding external links to Instagram, another feature was introduced in 2021 which is known as Instagram Link stickers.

In this article, we are going to tell about Instagram Link stickers and also tell how to add it to Instagram story.

But first of all we know what are Instagram Link stickers?

What are Instagram Link Stickers?

As the name suggests, this feature is only for adding links to Instagram.

If you use Instagram to drive traffic to your website or blog, then you must know that there is no other place on Instagram than story where you can add links.

Like any posts you enter in Instagram that appear in Feed, links can’t be added.

This is what people used to promote a brand through a blogger or website through the Swipe Up feature. Through this feature, these people used to add a link to the story and as soon as a user swiped the story, it would land on their website.

But this feature was removed by Instagram this year. Due to this many Instagram users started having trouble promoting their website or brand.

In view of this, this link stickers feature has been brought like Instagram.

Testing of this feature was going on since June 2021 and it was finally launched globally by Instagram in late August.

But at that time it was launched only for people who were either verified users or had a lot of followers, the number of which was determined by Instagram.

That is, this feature was not available for all Instagram users.

On 27 October 2021, a post was published on Twitter from Instagram announcing that the Instagram Link stickers feature is now available to all users.

According to Instagram, this feature is only for Stories posts and cannot be added to any other place in Instagram, such as a feed or post.

In this way, this feature has completely removed the Swipe up feature. The special thing about Instagram Link stickers is that it is available for all types of users. Whereas the swipe up feature could only be used by people whose account was verified or who had more than 10,000 followers.

How to Add Link Stickers to Instagram Stories?

Here we will tell you how to add Instagram Link sticker to the story in the Android phone app. For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Login to the Instagram app of your phone. The Home Feed page appears as soon as you login.

Step-2- Now you can make a story in two ways. In the first way, if you want, you can create it by uploading an already taken photo.

Or in another way, you can use it by taking a photo through the phone camera while creating the story itself.

For the first method, tap on Your story option next to the stories that appear in the circle on the homepage itself.

Once you tap, already protected photos appear in your phone. Tap on the photo that you want to use as the story.

In this way he is ready to share as a photo story.

For another way, tap on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the homepage itself. Here you will find four options. From these, tap on the option of Story.

Your phone’s camera will be turned on as soon as you tap it. Now take a photo with the camera and now you can share it for the story.

Step-3- After putting all the effects, when your photo is completely ready, now it is your turn to add the link sticker.

For this, you have to tap on the sticker icon given at the top of the screen.

A variety of stickers will appear as you tap. Tap on LINK’s sticker.

Step-4- Now a new window will open where you will get the option to add the link. After adding a link to your blog or website at this place, tap on the Done option in the top corner.

In this way that link sticker will be added to that photo or frame of yours.

You can place this Link Sticker wherever you want on the photo. If you want to change its color, then as soon as you tap on it, its color will change. But only three or four colors have been given.

If you want to delete this Link Sticker while customizing, then press and hold your finger on it. This makes the Trash icon appear at the bottom. Now press and hold that Sticker and drop it on that Trash icon. In this way this sticker will be deleted.

If your story is completely ready, now tap on Send to option given in the bottom right corner. Now tap on the Share button next to Your Story.

In this way the image with the Link Sticker will be shared as a story.

Advantages of Instagram Link Stickers

It is clear that if you can add a link to your blog or website in the story, then it will help you in bringing traffic.

Most importantly, Instagram Link Sticker is now available for all users. Where earlier the benefit of Swipe up option was available only to those who were either verified users or who had more than 10000 followers.

But Link Sticker is beneficial for all types of Instagram users and anyone can bring traffic to their blog or website through this social media.


Social media is very important for any blog or website. Their importance increases when you are earning something by placing ads on your blog.

Or are promoting a product through your website.

In such a situation, if there is an option to share the link of your blog or website on social media, then it becomes like icing on the cake.

Similarly, now any user on Instagram can bring a lot of traffic to his blog or website through Instagram Link Stickers.

But this Instagram Link Stickers can be added only to Instagram stories. Still or better than the already given Swipe up option. Because neither need to be verified nor 10000 followers are needed to use Instagram Link Stickers.

So you also use Instagram Link Stickers to your stories and take advantage of it.