How to Change Fonts on Instagram Online and Using Apps

If you want to stand out from the crowd on the social media platform, then you should think once to change fonts on Instagram of your profile and caption.

Instagram fonts are very important. This becomes even more important when you promote a product on your Instagram account. So whenever you feel that there is something missing in Instagram Caption, then take a look at the fonts too.

Because slightly different looking Instagram fonts can help to grab the attention of your followers. But, there is no feature to change the fonts anywhere except Stories in the Instagram App or in its web version and you have to use the default Instagram fonts in other places except stories.

So now it comes to how to use custom fonts in Instagram.

In this article, we will tell you that how you can change fonts on Instagram and make your profile and captions more attractive by using custom fonts.

But let us first know that what is the need to change fonts on Instagram?

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What is the need to change fonts on Instagram?

If you are a new user of Instagram then this question will definitely come in your mind that why do you need to change fonts on Instagram and why should you use custom fonts on Instagram?

So, your profile page will give you answer because profile page on Instagram tells a lot about you. You can say that Instagram profile is your landing page where a follower can know about your personality.

That’s why the fonts used on the profile page also tell your followers about your attractive personality. If you use the same type of font everywhere, then obviously any user will skip ahead after seeing your profile.

That’s why it is a bit difficult to create new followers by always using the same type of Instagram fonts. Because the visual impact on a person’s mind has a lot to do with them and a beautiful font is also very important to visually impress one of them.

So let’s know why should always use different Instagram fonts while making Bio.

To make yourself stand out
As you know there are millions of users on Instagram. Some of them use this platform to promote their brand.

If you are a normal user of Instagram then it may not matter to you, but if you are using Instagram to promote your brand then understand that you will face a lot of competition.

Many users also use Instagram to get traffic to their websites or blogs.

So in this competitive era if you want to attract people and gain more and more followers, then you have to make your profile stand out from others.

For if you want to make your Instagram profile attractive, you should change fonts on Instagram profile and use customs fonts.

To show creativity
Not only on Instagram but also on any other social media platform, if you use beautiful fonts according to your profile, then it shows your creativity.

Your creativity attracts people towards you and users also like creative people more on social media platforms. That’s why customs fonts on Instagram reflect your creativity, which also increases your followers.

To bring innovation
Think for yourself, how many times you can go to a place to see the same thing – once, twice, thrice or over and over again.

Your answer will be two to three times maximum. You can’t go back to see the same thing over and over again.

So is your profile on Instagram. You cannot stick to one trend for long. This will get bored of your followers and may even unfollow you.

That’s why you have to do a little according to the new trend to keep your followers hooked.

Using custom Instagram fonts i.e. changed fonts according to you is currently an impressive trend and most of the users are also getting attracted by this.

How to change fonts on Instagram for an attractive Profile and Caption

You can change the fonts used for Instagram Profile and caption in two ways.

The first is through the applications available for mobile phones and the second is through the online fonts generator.

Change fonts on Instagram using mobile phone apps

If you use Instagram app on mobile phone, then here we are going to tell you some great android apps through which you can easily use different Instagram fonts for your Bio and Posts.

The following four apps are very good for mobile phones-


It is available on Play Store for android phones. This is a keyboard application that you can use instead of your default keyboard. Its best part is that this keyboard can be used for typing anywhere.

So if you use this keyboard for Bio or post on Instagram, then you can create an attractive Bio or post by the given fonts in it.

What made it special is the symbol present in it. These symbols are different from the frequently used emoji.

Fonts Art

This is also a keyboard application and it can also be used instead of the default keyboard. It has more than 70 font styles. But most are available in paid version.

Still you can make a good Bio for your Instagram account for free.

Stylish fonts

This is different from keyboard application. That is, you will not have to change your default keyboard to use it.

In this, many fonts are available in the paid version, but the free version is also enough to make a good bio.

Stylish Text

Its special thing is that it is like a keyboard application, even if you do not activate its keyboard, then you can also type in stylish fonts from your phone’s default keyboard.

This app is also not completely add free, but more than 100 font styles given in it are enough to make a good Bio.

There are a lot of emoji in it and the numbers are also given stylish.

You can also use it as a keyboard. All you have to do is switch it on with your default keyboard.

So these are some mobile phone applications with the help of which you can create an attractive Instagram Bio. Also you can use these stylish fonts in your post and story.

Change fonts on Instagram Online

Now we are going to tell about some such websites through which you can generate stylish fonts online.

There are a lot of fonts generator online for Instagram and they are almost the same thing. That is, the way to generate custom fonts in them is the same.

Some of these major fonts generators are – lingojam, igfont, fontsforinstagram, fontvilla etc.

It is very easy to generate custom fonts in these fonts generator. All you have to do is write something on the given blank space and this fonts generator automatically generates fonts in many types of styles.

After the custom fonts are generated, you have to copy it by clicking on the copy option and paste it wherever you want in the bio or post of your Instagram.

In this way you get an attractive Bio or post prepared with stylish fonts.

Apart from the above mentioned custom fonts generator, there are some other websites which are described below-

The biggest feature of this website is that it not only generates custom fonts for instagram but also generates fonts for logos.

There are three very good options in this-

The first is – fonts – in which you can generate stylish fonts. These fonts look like logos and you can download them as images.

Now you can use it as a logo anywhere.

Not only this, if you want to save that font in your computer then download option is given.

Just you have to keep in mind that you cannot use it for free for commercial purpose.

If you want to use it for your brand then you have to buy.

Another option on this website is font generator, using which you can generate stylish fonts for instagram as well.

For this also you have to do the same thing, you have to write something on the given blank space to type and your font gets generated in different styles just below it.

Now copy the generated fonts and paste them in your instagram bio or post.

The third option on this website is Lenny Face Generator. With this option, you can draw a face-like shape using some symbols.


It looks similar to the metatag generator by name, but it can also generate custom fonts for Instagram.

On this website also you see a blank space where you have to type text for your Instagram.

Stylish fonts will be generated automatically as you type. The option of copying appears as soon as you click on the style you like.

The special feature of this website is that a visual preview appears on the right side of the page.

The Instagram Bio created with the chosen font style is also visible in this preview. That is, you are typing on the left side and a preview of Instagram Bio appears on the right side.

How to change Instagram Fonts for Stories

If you are promoting your brand on Instagram then stories play an important role in this.

That’s why you should keep changing the fonts on your Instagram Stories from time to time. With this, your followers will continue to see some newness in your stories and they will also be attracted towards your stories.

You can change the fonts on your Instagram Stories in two different ways-

Method -1 – In this way you can use Instagram fonts generator.

Like we have told above how you can change the font of your Instagram Bio or post through the mobile app.

Or you can generate custom fonts online as well.

In the same way, you can generate stylish fonts for your Instagram stories as well. After that you can copy and paste that custom fonts in your Instagram stories.

Method-2– In Instagram, the facility to change fonts has been given only for stories. That is, you do not need any other third party app for this. Nor do you need an online font generator.

In this way, you can use the font change feature given in the Instagram app and create an engaging stories with stylish fonts.

For this you have to follow the steps given below-

Step-1- After opening Instagram, tap on Your story given on the main page.

Step-2- Your phone’s camera will start as soon as you tap. Now drag a photo to make a story.

Step-3- As soon as you take a photo, some options appear on the top of the screen.

Step-4 – Tap on the option of Aa out of these. As soon as you tap, many types of font styles appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step-5- Now by tapping on any of these font styles, you can select it. For more font styles, swipe the line of fonts on the screen to the left or right.

By the way, these font styles given are enough to make an attractive story. But if you want more font style then you have to either have mobile app or you can generate font online.


If you want to increase the number of followers on your Instagram, then you also have to pay attention to the style of fonts used in your bio, post or story.

Font style also proves helpful to attract Instagram users. That’s why you should use a good font style on Instagram.

Since Instagram does not have the facility to change the font style anywhere except in the story. So you should either use mobile app or online Instagram generator.

You can use apps like Fonts, Fonts Art, Stylish fonts, Stylish Text in mobile apps.

Whereas for online font generator, you can take help of websites like lingojam, igfont, fontsforinstagram, igfonts, fontvilla, fontspace, metatags.