Transfer Facebook Data to Another Services- a Complete Guide

You can not only download your Facebook Data and keep safe in computer or mobile phone but also you can transfer Facebook data to another services.

Facebook launched this facility in April 2021 with the help of which you can transfer Facebook data like posts, photos, videos, notes etc. from this social media platform to other online services.

Although this feature was already available for most of Facebook users but they could transfer only media files like photos and videos to other online services like Google Photos and Dropbox.

After coming this new feature, now users can transfer Facebook data to another services including posts and notes to Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress.

Now by using this feature, photos, videos, posts and notes shared in Facebook can be easily transferred to platforms like Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Blogger, WordPress etc.

The most important thing that users do not need any third party app or any online tool to transfer Facebook data to another services.

In this article, we will know the steps to transfer Facebook data to another services which are already available online.

Steps to transfer Facebook data to another services

First of all, we will tell you how to transfer Facebook Data on some important services of Google.

The important Google services that have been placed as destination in Facebook are Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Blogger.

Here we wi explained in detail how to transfer Facebook Data on Google Photos. You can transfer data from your Facebook account to other services by following almost the same steps.

So first of all let us see how we can transfer Facebook Data on Google Photos.

Transfer Facebook Data to Google Photos:

Almost everyone knows the Google Photos app because it is already installed in most Android phones.

If you do not have google photos app in your phone then you have to first download and install it from play store then login to it.

If you want to transfer data on desktop then all you have to do is login to your gmail account. After login, click on the icon of the google app given on the right side and here you will see the app of google photos.

You have to already login to google photos because it will ask for access to your google photos while transferring data from facebook. So login to it for some ease.

Now we come to the process of transferring Facebook Account Data to Google Photos. For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Login to your Facebook account and go to the setting option.

For this, a down arrow icon will appear in the right top corner on your Facebook home page in the desktop, click on it.

Now click on Settings & privacy and then click on Settings.

Three horizontal lines appear in the top corner of the homepage that appears after logging into the Facebook app of the mobile phone. You have to tap on them. Now on the next page, go to the very bottom and tap on Settings & privacy.

Here you get the option of Settings.

Step-2- On the next page in the desktop, many options of Settings appear on the left side. From these, click on the option of Your Facebook Information.

In the mobile phone, scroll down the Settings page and go to the bottom where you see the option of Your Information.

Step-3- If you click on Your Facebook Information in the desktop, then many more options open on the right side. From these, click on the option of Transfer a copy of your information.

You also see the same option in the phone’s app, on which you have to tap.

Step-4- If you are transferring data for the first time then you get four options in common destination – Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Blogger.

From here you can opt for Google Photos. Otherwise, click on the New button.

On the next page you have to complete four steps.

The option of Choose destination appears in the first step. From here, after selecting Google Photos, immediately click on the button of Next given below.

In the second step, there is an option to choose what to transfer. Here you get two more options of Photos and Videos.

After completing this step, click on the Next button.

The next step is Connect with Google Photos. In this you have to connect the account of Google Photos. For this click on the Connect button.

On the next page, you have to enter your gmail user id and password to login to Google Photos.

After login, you have to give permission to access your Google Photos.

Once you have access to Google Photos, you will be redirected to the previous page again. On this page you have to follow the fourth step.

This is the final step in which you have to click on the button of Start transfer. On clicking, the data transfer of your Facebook account starts.

After the completion of the data transfer, a notification also comes which pops-up at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now you can open your Google Photos and see that all the photos and videos you have transferred will be found.

Transfer Facebook Data to Google Docs and Google Calendar

You can see that out of the above mentioned steps, the first three steps are to be followed for everyone.

In the fourth step, you have to choose the destination according to you. When we talk about Google Docs and Google Calendar, then we have to follow the same steps as for Google Photos.

When you select Destination, you can see that when you selected Google Photos, you can only transfer photos and videos as data.

Similarly, when you select Google Docs, the option of Posts and Notes comes and when you choose Google Calendar, then only the option of Events is available.

All other steps will be with Google Photos.

Transfer Facebook Data to another Services

Apart from the destinations mentioned above, there are many other online services on which you can transfer your Facebook account data.

Among them there is also an online service ‘Blogger’ of Google. It is a familiar name for those who are blogging. Also another blogging platform WordPress is also present as a destination.

But for those who are not blogging, let them know that Blogger and WordPress are online platforms where you can do blogging by creating a website.

But you can transfer only a maximum of 100 posts from Facebook to Blogger. Whereas no such limit has been set in WordPress.

Other online services that are available as destinations to which you can transfer your Facebook data are Dropbox , Blackblaze B2 , Photobucket and Koofr .

The process of transferring Facebook Account Data on all these online services is almost the same. So you have to follow the above mentioned steps.


You can not only download and keep your Facebook account data in the memory of your computer or mobile phone, but you can also transfer Facebook account data to other online services.

Such a facility has been given inside Facebook itself that you can easily transfer your Facebook Account Data. No third party app is required for this.

We have told in this article how you can transfer Facebook Account Data on some important online services.

Here are the steps to transfer data to Google Photos only. Follow the same steps for other services as well.

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