What is an infographic | How do students use infographics to make notes?

What is an infographic and how do students use infographics to make notes: Important points in this article- Definition of infographic, How to make infographic in Canva, Why students should use infographics to make notes, Things to keep in mind before making infographic.

As the use of technology is increasing, its effect is visible in the field of education as well. Infographic is also a part of this technology that has changed the way to make notes.

At this time, when most of the schools and institutions are closed due to ongoing pandemic, students started studying online and still many students are dependent on online studies.

Even students preparing for government jobs are now preferring online studies.

It is clear that when there is online education, digital tools will also be needed, using which students can study well.

While studying, most of the students have now started making notes on their computers. But most of them are also making their notes in the old way.

In this article, we are going to explain about a new way to make notes, which is called Infographics.

Well infographics are nothing new and have been around for ten years in the digital world. But most of the people used it in office work and in preparing presentations.

But as the trend of studying on computers has increased, the trend of making notes with various digital tools has also increased.

If you are also new to using this way to make notes then you must read this article completely.

In this article we have explained well about infographics i.e. what is infographic and how to use it to make notes?

Also, we have given some infographic examples and Infographic Maker in this article.

So, let’s first know what is an infographic?

What is an infographic?

Before knowing what is infographic, we would like to discuss about the traditional way of making notes.

As you would know that when notes are made in the traditional way, either they are created in the form of paragraphs by writing on the copy or they are also created in simple MS Word or Notepad on the computer.

But when you add some images or graphs to these notes, it becomes Infographic, that is, the information given through Graphic.

So, in simple words, it is Infographic to describe any kind of information or data through pictures.

It can be a text-image, can be a chart or can be a diagram or graph. If you want to make it even better, then you can also put a video.

To understand this in a better way, have a look at the picture given below.

What is an infographic | How do students use infographics to make notes
Credit- canva.com

In the above infographic, the name of planets of our solar system are given through graphic.

Just looking at the picture, you will understand that it would be a bit difficult to memorize things shown in pictures if you just made notes as text.

At the same time, if this information is given in the form of infographic, you will be able to remember for a long time.

Why students should use infographics to make notes

Over time, infographic is becoming the preferred tool among students for making notes.

But students who are not using it must know why they should use infographics to make notes.

The first thing is that through infographics you can make notes in brief. As it is clear from the above picture, it is not necessary to write much about 3D printing.

Secondly, the notes made by infographic are easy to remember. If the above information was kept in text only then it would be a bit difficult to remember it.

The third and most important reason is that the notes made through infographic can be easily revised at the time of examination.

Apart from these, there are other reasons why Infographic should be used, such as – you can easily share it with anyone. Since almost everyone has a smart phone these days, it is not difficult to share infographic notes.

You can save these notes in your phone and you can open them anywhere when you need them.

Like this, there are many such reasons that if you have the facility available then you should definitely use Infographic once for making notes.

Things to keep in mind before making infographic

Creating an infographic is similar to making notes. But since you have to give maximum information in less words through infographic, so before making it, some planning should be done.

Before creating an infographic, you must keep the following things in mind-

  1. Keep the heading of the infographic in clear, concise, and large font, as in the infographic above. If there are too many words in the heading, it will take up a lot of space and will also make it difficult to remember.
  2. Now, first write down the topics to be written under it somewhere and make an outline where to keep which topic.
  3. Keep the font color and background color of the topics separate as per the requirement. Both these colors should be clearly visible.
  4. Make sure to use pictures in infographic. Because topics are easily remembered through pictures and pictures can be recalled quickly at the time of examination. So, you can easily write the topics through those recalled pictures.
  5. Use shapes like Arrow, Line, Pyramid, Circle, Rectangle etc. as per the need.

There are many other things to keep in mind while creating an infographic. As you start making notes in infographic, you will know more about it.

How to make infographic:

A variety of tools are needed when creating an infographic. If you create infographic with your MS Word, Power Point or any other similar tools, then you will have to work very hard.

That’s why we would like to mention here some websites where you can create the infographic you need for free.

These websites are Canva , Snappa , Piktochart , Venngage , Visme , Infogram , Mind the Graph , Adioma , MURAL etc.

Apart from these websites, there are many other websites where you can create infographics for free. The best thing about these websites is that ready-made templates of infographics are already available on these websites.

All you have to do is choose one of these templates according to your need and start making your notes. In this way, you can create your own infographics very easily.

However, very few templates are available for free on these websites and if you want to make great infographics, then you can also use paid templates by taking a subscription. But you can create the notes you need in the free template itself.

Here we will recommend you to use the website to make Infographics is Canva. This website is very famous among designers and infographic makers.

So, let’s see how you can create free infographic in Canva.

Creating Infographic in Canva:

Creating infographic in Canva is very easy. But first you have to sign-up on this platform.

For this, you have to go to the website of Canva and click on the Sign-up button given in the upper right corner.

On clicking, a pop-up window will open showing some options to sign-up. If you want, you can sign-up directly with your Google Account or Facebook Account.

Otherwise, click on the Sign up with email button to sign up with your email. Now after entering all your details click on the button of Get started.

After this, a code will be received on your email from Canva. After entering this code, you will be signed-up in Canva.

On the next page it will be asked why you want to use Canva. Click on the Student option on this page.

Now on the next page click on the option which is related to you. Like there are four options here and if you are a student of the university, then after selecting it, click on the button of Continue.

Since there is no skip button here, you have to fill-up these details.

Now if you want to invite someone to your team, then generate your invitation link and enter their email in the boxes given below and click on the button of Send Invitation.

If you do not want to invite anyone, then click on the skip button.

Now on the next page it will be asked what you want to make using Canva, then click on the option of Infographic.

Now here a blank page will open to create Infographic and many options will appear on the left side.

Now the work of making infographic begins.

On this page you can see that there are many options on the left side of the screen like Templates, Elements, Upload, Photo, Text, Styles and More.

If you want to make Infographic according to you, then you can also make it using these options.

But what we want to suggest here is that you should use pre-made templates, which will save you less effort and time. These templates will look like the image below.

What is infographic and how do students use it to make notes?
Some of the given templates are free and some are paid and some are for pro version.

The difference between Paid and Pro Version is that when you go to download your infographic, the price of the paid template shows there and you can download it by paying.

In Pro Version, you have to subscribe to Canva and after that you can use all the features of Pro Version.

But if your work is done with free template then there is no need to spend unnecessary money.

Now choose the free template according to your need to make your infographic.

As soon as the template is selected, it will appear on the right side of the blank area. Now you can modify this template as per your need.

If you want to change its font, then click on that text and choose the font according to you from the font option given above.

Similarly, you can use the options given on the left side of the screen to make other changes.

Now it’s time to download it. When you have completely prepared your infographic, to download it, click on the button of Download given in the upper right corner.

Your infographic will appear in PDF by default for download. If you want to download in other format then click on PDF Print option.

On clicking, many more formats will appear. Click on the option in which format you want to download and after that click on the button of Download.

In this way your infographic will be downloaded.

Now if you want, you can print this infographic or keep it saved in your phone.


The trend of infographic is increasing in every field. If you are a student and have not yet used Infographic to make notes, then you must also try it once.

We have told in this article what is infographic and what are the benefits of making notes through it.

After that we have also told how you can create a great infographic for free through canva and download it and use it.

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