4 Easy Ways to Find Best Pinterest Group Boards and Join Them

If you are using Pinterest for marketing, you will definitely want to find best Pinterest Group Boards and join them. Also if you are looking for good content on Pinterest then you want to join Quality Group Boards.

Pinterest is like a search engine and here you get results in the form of images. These images are called pins. Your Pinterest homepage also shows Pins and Boards mostly related to the same topic as the Pins you have saved.

In this article, we will show you how to find the best Pinterest Groups and join them to drive traffic to your website or blog and also you can use these Boards for your marketing strategies.

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How to Find Best Pinterest Group Boards

Find Best Pinterest Group Boards
Find Best Pinterest Group Boards

There is no such feature in Pinterest with the help of which you can find the Groups directly related to your niche. Also Pinterest does not have the facility to use any kind of filter to find best Pinterest Group Boards.

That’s why it’s not that easy to find Group Boards on Pinterest as per your requirements.

But still, there are many ways using which you can find best Pinterest Group Boards, join and use them for getting visitors to your website or marketing.

Find best Pinterest Group Boards using Pinterest Search Bar

Find Best Pinterest Group Boards
Find Best Pinterest Group Boards

This is the easiest way to find Pinterest Group Boards. It does not require any kind of analysis.

You have to follow the following steps to find best Pinterest group Boards using Pinterest Search Bar

Step-1- Login to Pinterest account.

Step-2- Now you will be seeing a search bar at the top of your homepage. If you look carefully, you will find that there is nothing in this search bar and it is completely blank.

Step-3- Now enter your keyword in this search bar. As soon as you enter the keyword, many Pins will appear on your screen. Also some other related keywords will appear.

Step-4- Another thing to note is that now an option of All Pins appears in front of the search bar and a drop down arrow also appears immediately adjacent to it.

Step-5- Now after clicking on this drop down arrow, other options like Videos, People, Boards and Your Pins will also appear.

Step-6- By clicking on the option of Boards out of these options, all the boards related to your keyword are visible.

But there are some cons to find best Pinterest Group Boards using this method. Both types of boards, such as Regular Boards and Group Boards are displayed by Pinterest search bar. Now not only do you have to find Group Boards out of these, but you also have to find Pinterest Group Boards related to your niche.

It is not easy to find Group Boards as per your requirement. You will have to open all the Group Boards one by one and then you will get the Boards you want.

When checking them, pay attention to the description and also keep in mind how many contributors are to those Pinterest Group Boards.

If you get Pinterest Group Boards according to your need then it is fine otherwise you will have to work hard once again.

Thus this method is very time-wasting and tedious.

Find Best Pinterest Group Boards: Through Famous Profiles on Pinterest

For this you have to search some famous profiles related to your niche.

There are a lot of influencers on Pinterest who have already made their place on Pinterest. They may also be your competitors.

It is also more likely that these people have also created Pinterest Group Boards.

You can also get an idea by looking at the description of their Group Boards whether it is right to join their Pinterest Group Boards or not.

If they have not made any Group Board, then check that which Group Boards these people are associated with.

Now look at the description of the Pinterest Group Boards you see according to your niche and also see if the creators of that Group Boards accept the request to join them.

This method of finding Group Boards is equally tedious and time consuming.

The only advantage of this method is that whatever group boards you get, their quality is more likely to be very good. Because there are already great Pinterest users contributing to them.

If you get an opportunity to join these Group Boards, then understand how much your Boards will also benefit.

This benefit will be available in promoting your blog or product.

But there are already many users associated with this type of Group Boards and it is less likely that they will accept the request of the new user.

Hence this method is also not as effective and time consuming.

Find Best Pinterest Group Boards: Using Google Search

You can find Group Boards according to your need in Google using your keywords.

For this, you have to search in Google by adding ‘Pinterest Group Boards’ with your keyword.

For example, if you want to find Group Boards related to Government Job, then use the term Government Job Pinterest Group Boards in Google Search.

In this way you will see some important Group Boards related to Government Jobs in the list. But maybe these Group Boards are very old and not as per your requirement.

That’s why you have to take the help of Tools option to find Group Boards which are one year or less.

For this, the Tools button appears at the bottom right of the search bar.

On clicking Tools, the option of Any time appears on the left side and a drop down arrow is also with it.

By clicking on this drop down arrow you can set the time limit according to you.

We suggest here that you should set a time limit of one year at the most.

Finding Pinterest Groups through Google Search doesn’t take as much effort as the two methods mentioned above. Also you can find many types of Group Boards in less time.

Find Best Pinterest Group Boards: Using PINGROUPIE

PinGroupie is like a search engine, many Pinterest users use it and many bloggers also give suggestions for its use.

Thus, it is a very popular and tested method.

With PinGroupie you can find Group Boards easily and in very less time.

The way to use it is very simple. You have to go to pingroupie.com for this.

The homepage of this website is set to Group Boards option by default and you land on this page.

There is a search box on this page. In this box you have to type your keyword.

Next to this box are some filter options. From these, you can apply the filter according to your need.

After applying the filters, click on the Search button. On clicking, a list of many Group Boards will appear in front of you.

Click on which of these Group Boards you like. On the next page many more information related to this Group Board will come out.

As you scroll down a bit, you will see a Visit On Pinterest button.

By clicking on it you will be redirected to Pinterest. For your convenience, you should already login to your Pinterest account in a tab in the browser.

Now you will be seeing this Group Board in Pinterest.

If you want to follow this group board only, then click on the three dots next to its name and click on follow.

If you want to join this Group Board, then click on the Join button given below the description.

In this way you can easily join a group board.

This is the easiest and least time consuming method among the above mentioned methods.

Things to keep in mind while joining Pinterest Group Board

You have found the Group Boards using the above mentioned methods and also made a list of them.

Now it has to be kept in mind that it will be right to join which type of Group Boards. It is not that it is right to join as many Group Boards as you can see.

Therefore, before joining any Group Board, you have to keep the following things in mind-

Are all the Group Boards that you have listed related to your keywords? This means that the Group Boards you have found should be related to your niche.

Suppose you want Group Boards related to Blogging and you join Boards related to education or other subject, then you are not going to benefit anything.

Also keep in mind the number of people joining that Group Boards. Also how many people are contributors.

If the number of contributors in that Group Boards is very high then it will not be very beneficial for you.

Because pins would have already been added to that group board by the old contributors. In this situation, whether the pins you added will be visible to the public or not, it is not certain.

In this way you will not get any benefit by adding pins to that group board and you will just keep working hard.

On the other hand, if the number of people associated with that group board is very less and those people are not even that active then this group board is also not good for you.

If the members of that group board are not very active or not at all, then you are not going to get any benefit from it.

Therefore, find such Group Boards in which the number of people is neither very less nor too much.

Also, the members of that group board should always be active.

Before joining any group board, definitely pay attention to its description.

The identity of a good group board is that some such things are mentioned in the description, which makes that group board useful.

For example, how many pins can a member put in a day, what kind of content can he put and if a member does not follow these rules then what action can be taken, etc.

That’s why the same people live in such Group Boards who post only useful posts. These Group Boards will be more beneficial for you.

The question also arises that how many Group Boards you should join.

So the answer is not an exact number. It gets personal.

Sometimes you stay in more profit by joining 3 to 4 Group Boards, then sometimes join many Group Boards but there is little benefit.

Therefore, join the same number of Group Boards so that you do not have to spend all the time on them and also benefit.

What to keep in mind after joining Pinterest Group Board

Care has to be taken not only while joining any group board, but even after joining, keep some things in mind.

Never put any kind of unnecessary posts in Group Boards. Such posts are often considered spam.

If you are not spamming intentionally and inadvertently posting the wrong post, then there may be a warning by the owner of that group board.

You should review your post at the first warning. Stop posting such posts on which you get a warning.

Keep checking your Group Boards at some interval like every 2 to 3 months.

Maybe you are constantly active on those Group Boards and the rest of the members are not posting any post on time.

This spoils the performance of those Group Boards and they are no longer profitable for you.

Therefore it is better to leave such Group Boards. And then look for new Group Boards.

Checking the Performance of Your Group Boards with Pinterest Analytics :

Pinterest has this feature that you can check the performance of your Group Boards and Pins.

For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- After login to your Pinterest account, go to the profile page.

Step-2- Here you will get the option of Analytics on the left side. Clicking on it opens a submenu.

Step-3- Click on the submenu ‘Overview’. Here you will see the performance of the last 30 days.

Date range option will appear on the left side of this page. If you wish, you can change this time limit from here.

Step-4- On this page you will see the option of Performance over time. A drop down menu button will be found just below it.

This button has the impression option set by default.

By selecting the other option from this drop down menu, you can see the performance of your Group Boards better.

You can get more information about the audience of your Group Boards through Audience insights, another option of Analytics.

Here you can also compare between your audience and Pinterest’s audience.

In this way you can get information about the performance of your Group Boards.


Whether or not Pinterest Group Boards are still as useful is not debatable.

Because Group Boards are very beneficial for a Pinterest user, then no one gets the benefits as expected from it.

It also depends on finding and using good Pinterest Group Boards.

In this article, we have discussed how to find and join good and profitable Pinterest Group Boards.

Along with a manual way to find them, a website has also been mentioned for this purpose only.

But also keep in mind that just joining good group boards is not going to give much benefit.

It also depends on how many good posts you put in those Group Boards. Therefore, never put unnecessary posts in Group Boards.

And most importantly, keep checking the performance of the posts you put in the Group Boards from time to time.

If everything is going well then it’s fine, otherwise just leave those group boards and look for new group boards.

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