Facebook Messenger Rooms Video Chat Feature and How to Use It

Considering the growing trend of video conferencing nowadays, especially during lockdown, also Facebook launched Facebook Messenger Rooms in 2020. As you know, due to COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown was imposed in many countries and most of the people started meeting through video conferencing.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the features of Facebook Messenger Rooms as well as how to use it on mobile phone and desktop.

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Features of Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook messenger rooms has video chatting feature and you can do video chat with 50 people simultaneously. In this way it provides the facility of video conferencing.

Currently Facebook Messenger Rooms is only available for personal profiles, groups and events. While it is not directly available on the Facebook page.

There is no time limit for video conferencing, that is, you can do video chatting with people as long as you want.

A special feature of Facebook Messenger Rooms is that people who have not created their account on Facebook can also join video chatting through this facility.

But this facility is available in Facebook Messenger Rooms that you can include only the person you want in this video conferencing.

If those people do not have a Facebook account and still you want those people to join this video conferencing, then you can make the link of your rooms public and those people can join your rooms through this link.

This way those people without a Facebook account can video chat with you as is done through a video conferencing app like Zoom.

But the person who created the Facebook room has all the control of the conferencing. He can lock or unlock the room whenever he wants.

If he wants to remove someone during the live broadcast, he can remove that person.

You can also broadcast this video call live to your Facebook profile or group.

So let’s know how to create and use Facebook Messenger Rooms.

How to Create Facebook Messenger Rooms in Browser

If you have a Facebook account, then you can create Facebook Messenger Rooms by following the steps given below in your browser-

Step-1- Login to your Facebook account in the browser.

Step-2- After login, you can start Facebook Messenger Rooms in two ways. In the first way, click on the messenger icon in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Then click on the icon of the video camera given in the upper right corner of the messenger that opens the small window.

In another way, click on the icon of the video camera given in the right sidebar of the screen.

Both the methods will open a new window named Invite People.

Step-3- In this window you will see a link which has the Copy button on the right side to copy it. By copying this link, you can send it to whomever you want to invite.

Otherwise, if you want to invite someone from the list of friends given in that window, then click on the button of Invite next to their name. In this way the invitation will reach to that friend of yours.

In this way you can invite or add up to 50 people to your Facebook Messenger Rooms.

In this window, the option of edit is given below the link, by clicking on which you can limit who can join your messenger room.

The first option is Anyone with the link and the second is Only people you approve.

Click on the option you want and wait for two to three seconds. A message to apply the option will appear in the right corner.

After changing the option, click on the arrow icon in the top left corner of this small window. In this way your selected option will be saved.

Now your friends can connect to your Facebook Messenger Rooms and do video conferencing with you through the link sent.

You can also change the device’s settings for your chatting. For this, you have to click on the three dots given in the upper right corner of the window containing the room.

On clicking, some options will appear. Among them you have to click on the option of Device Settings.

On clicking, a window of settings will open. Here you will see the options of Camera, Microphone, Audio output, Keyboard shortcuts.

Change the setting by clicking on the one whose setting you want to change and then click on the save button.

In this way you can create Facebook Messenger Rooms in the browser.

Create Facebook Messenger Rooms in Facebook News Feed

As you know, when you login to your Facebook account, the homepage that appears on it is the one that contains all the posts.

This is called news feed. This is where posts made by your friends appear. You can also create messenger rooms in your Facebook News Feed.

For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Login to your Facebook account in the browser.

Step-2- Now the option of Create Room will appear in front of the homepage itself. On clicking this option a pop-up will open.

Step-3- In this pop-up two options of Room name and Start time will appear.

Step-4- By clicking on the room name, you can give the name of your room. Here you will see many types of names in the suggestion.

If you want to choose one of these, click on it. If you want to give the name of your room according to you, then click on the first given option ‘New’.

Step-5- On clicking New, you will get the option to change the name of your room and choose the emoji as per your choice.

You can change the name of the room and choose emoji if you want.

Step-6- You can schedule the time by clicking on the option of Start time. If you want to create room immediately then there is no need to click on this option.

Step-7- Now to create a room, click on the button Create Room given below.

Step-8- After the room is created, another pop-up will open. On this the option of Edit will appear, on clicking on which two more options will appear.

Here you can set the permission to join your room. By clicking on the first option Only invited friends, only friends can be added to whom you send the link.

Other options If you click on Anyone, anyone can join your room, whether it’s your friend or a new one. Also, a person who does not have a Facebook account can also join.

How to create Facebook Messenger Rooms in Messenger App of desktop-

Here we will tell how to do Facebook Messenger Rooms in Messenger app of Windows. For this follow the steps given below-

Step 1 : Login to the Messenger app of Facebook on your desktop.

Step-2- After login, an icon of video camera will appear just above the list of friends’ names on the left side of the window that will open.

On clicking on the icon of this video camera, another small window will open in which three options will appear.

Step-3- Now click on the first option ‘Room Activity’ that will appear. This option is for customizing the activity of your room.

By the name of your Room Activity, people get an idea of what your room is about.

Step-4- As soon as you click on Room Activity, you will see many types of symbols. You can choose any of these or click on the first symbol ‘New’ to create your own.

You will see many emoji as soon as you click on New. Select your favorite emoji and type in the name of your room by clicking on the box next to Type your activity.

Now after clicking on the Done button given below, the page will be back. In this way your Room Activity has been named.

Step-5- You will now see the next option Who can discover and join. By clicking on it, two options appear – first – friends you invite and people with the link and second – only friends you invite.

You can choose any of these options as per your need. It should be noted here that the names of friends are not visible immediately after selecting any of these options.

But don’t worry, when you click on Create Room, a list of your friends’ names will appear on the next page.

Step-6- You see another option Schedule for later. You can turn it on by clicking on the toggle button given in front of it.

You can set a time after turning on. Your room will start automatically at the time you set.

If you want to start your Facebook Messenger Rooms immediately, leave it off.

Step-7- After setting all the options, click on the button of Create room given below.

In this way your Facebook Messenger Rooms will be created in Messenger app of desktop.

Create Facebook Messenger Rooms in Messenger App

Creating Facebook Messenger Rooms in mobile phone is almost the same as creating room in Messenger app on desktop. For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Download Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone and login.

Step-2- After login, there is a video camera icon on the upper left side of the homepage. Create Room is written under this icon. Tap on this icon to create a room.

Step-3- Your room will be created as soon as you tap, but if you want, you can also edit something in it.

Step-4- To edit, the option of Edit is given at the bottom of your created room.

Step-5- A page will open as soon as you tap on Edit. On this the first option will be Who can join. From here you can choose this permission for who can join your room.

Step-6- On this page you see the next option of Room Activity. By tapping on it, you can choose your room name and emoji.

By tapping on New, you can name the room of your choice and set your favorite emoji.

Step-7- The next option is to set the starting time of the room. If you want to start the room immediately, then leave it off.

If you want to set the time for a later time, you can set the time by tapping on it.

Step-8 – The next option is In-Room Chat which is on by default. In this, you allow people to send messages to each other in the room itself.

Step-9- The next option is Screen Sharing. It is also on by default. In this, people associated with the room can share their screen.

Step-10- After making all the settings on this page, tap on the back button. Now on this page tap on the button START ROOM given at the bottom.

In this way, your Facebook Messenger Rooms is ready in the Messenger app of the mobile phone and you can do video conferencing with your friends.


In this article we learned how we can create Facebook Messenger Rooms.

You can easily create it through your Facebook account in browser, Messenger app on desktop and Messenger app on mobile.

Since this new feature of Facebook Messenger Rooms was launched by Facebook only last year, more options are likely to be added to it.

It is also worth noting that Facebook Messenger Rooms does not have the facility of end-to-end encryption.

So keep this thing in mind before starting your room.

Secondly, any person who neither has a Facebook account nor is your Facebook friend can also join the room through the link of your room.

But Room has this setting that you can remove anyone you want to remove.

In this way you can have a good experience in Facebook Messenger Rooms.

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