Twitter Circle Rolling Out: It will be available for other users soon

Twitter Circle Rolling Out News: Twitter has announced that Twitter Circle will be rolling out to more users of this social media platform. In the first week of this month, Twitter announced a new feature which is ‘Twitter Circle’.

But this feature is currently available for only a few users and it is in testing mode. After about a month of testing, Twitter has said that now this feature will be rolled out for other users soon.

How to use Twitter Circle

If the Twitter Circle has been rolled out for you as well, a pop-up will open as soon as you login to your Twitter account.

If you also want to use this feature, then follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Open Twitter on your PC or Mobile phone and click / tap on Tweet button

Step-2- Now an option of ‘Everyone’ will appear near your profile picture. Now click on this Everyone option.

Step-3- Now click on ‘Twitter Circle’. With this, your tweet will be available to a selected group of people. That is, with this option you can share your tweet with only a few people.

If you are going to use this feature for the first time, then you have to click on Edit option first. After that an option of ‘Recommended’ will appear. By clicking on it, you will see a list of people. By selecting some of these people, you can create your Twitter Circle.

After creating Twitter Circle, whenever you want to share your Tweet with these people, just write your Tweet and then select Twitter Circle and send it. It will be like a normal tweet.

When you share a tweet in the Twitter circle, then after sharing the tweet, you will see a green note below that tweet. Indicates that you have shared this tweet in your Twitter circle.

What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter launched this new feature for testing on 3 May 2022. Through Twitter Circle, users can share tweets to a select group of people. But this group users have to create first.

The important thing about this Twitter Circle is that if you share a tweet, then other users of Twitter or other people connected with you are not able to see that tweet and only people of your Twitter Circle can see.

Before sharing a Tweet in Twitter Circle, you have to add people to it. Currently you can add up to 150 people to the Twitter Circle. It is not necessary that those people are following you or not. You can add any Twitter user to your Twitter circle.

Once you’ve added people to your Twitter circle, you can send them your Tweets just like you share a normal Tweet. Just compose your tweet and share it in your Twitter circle.

When you share your tweet in the Twitter circle, a green note appears below the tweet. This green note shows that you have shared such a tweet in your Twitter circle.

You can remove anyone from your Twitter Circle whenever you want, whatever the reason for the removal. If you feel that person is either not contributing to your Twitter circle or is sharing some tweet which is inappropriate then you can remove him/her from your Twitter circle.

But one drawback of this feature is that someone can add you to their Twitter circle and once you have added, you cannot leave his Twitter circle unless he remove you. But you can mute the circle. This saves you from seeing tweets in that circle. But this feature of Twitter Circle seems a bit strange to the users. Because a user should have the option to leave any Twitter circle whenever he wants.

Another restriction of the Twitter circle is that the tweet shared in it cannot be retweeted by other people connected to twitter circle. They can only see it but cannot retweet. If a person of twitter circle wants to share the tweet, then he can only share it by taking a screenshot of that tweet and share as an image.

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