How to Repost on Instagram [step-by-step guide]

Repost on Instagram: If you are a user of Instagram then you must know that re-sharing any content in Instagram is called Instagram reposting or regramming.

Instagram has become a huge hub for photos, videos and many more visual contents. Users keep sharing different types of content on this social media platform.

Whenever you go through your feed on Instagram, sometimes you like some photos or videos and you want to share them in your feed too.

If you are promoting a brand on Instagram, then you may find some User Generated Content good for your brand and want to repost it.

Or it may also be that you want to repost your own post on your feed.

But there is no such feature in Instagram right now that allows you to repost any content in your feed in one click.

In this article, we will tell you some such ways by which you can repost your or others’ content in your feed.

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How to Repost on Instagram?

How to Regram or Repost on Instagram
How to Regram or Repost on Instagram

It is important to take some precautions before reposting User Generated Content to your Instagram account.

Because if you repost your content then there is no problem but if you repost someone else’s content then you should repost thoughtfully.

Like we have already mentioned that there is no such feature in Instagram that you can repost in one click.

There are two ways to repost in Instagram – one manual and the other with the help of third party apps.

So first of all let’s talk about manual method.

Repost on Instagram in a manual way-

Screenshot is the easiest way to do Instagram Reposting manually. In this, you will have to follow some manual steps.

Step-1 – Find the content you want to repost.

Step-2– Now adjust it with the screen of the phone and take a screenshot.

Step-3– Now crop the portion of the screenshot you want to repost and save it in your phone’s memory.

Step-4– Now you can easily repost the saved screenshot to your Instagram feed just like you post other photos.

But this method also has a disadvantage. If the resolution of the screen of your phone is not good then the quality of the screenshot taken will be spoiled.

Therefore, use this method only if you have a good screen resolution of your phone and you do not want to use any third party app.

Once again we want to reiterate that if you are reposting any other user’s content, then definitely take permission from that person and do not forget to give credit. If there is any kind of watermark in the content, then do not try to remove it.

Repost on Instagram with the help of Apps

Doing Instagram Reposting in a manual way seems a bit tedious and a waste of time. But now the solution to this problem is to repost with the help of Third Party Apps.

These third party apps are available for both the two very famous operating systems – Android and iOS.

There are many apps available on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS, with the help of which you can easily repost on Instagram.

In this article we are going to tell you about the following best app repost Instagram to do Instagram Reposting. You can use whatever application you like as per your convenience.

Repost for Instagram

Repost on Instagram
Repost on Instagram

It is very easy to repost through this application. For this follow the following steps-

Step-1– First of all open your Instagram App.

Step-2– Now you have to copy the link of the post which you want to repost.

To copy the link of the post appearing in the Instagram Feed, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. This will open many options. Now tap on the option of copy link from these. This will copy the link of that post.

If you want to repost a post from your gallery, then tap on that post. With this, three dots will start appearing in the right corner just above that post. Now the further process is same as above.

Step-3– After copying the link, open ‘Repost for Instagram’ on your phone and wait for a while. This app will automatically detect the link of the post you copy and that post will appear in front.

Step-4– Now tap on this post. With this, three options will appear at the bottom of the post – Add to story, Send Direct and Post to Feed.

Step-5– Since you want to repost, you will tap on Post to Feed. When you tap, the option to crop the photo will open.

Step-6– If you want to crop the photo, then crop it or else tap on the arrow symbol appearing in the top right corner of the screen.

After that more options will open for editing photos. If you want to edit something, do it, otherwise move on.

Step-7– Now this is the last step to repost. Here you will see the option to write a caption.

A feature of this app is that when it detects the post, at the same time it copies the caption of the original post.

Step-8– So if you want to write some caption on your behalf at the time of reposting, then write it, otherwise paste the automatically copied caption.

To paste, hold on that place with your finger for a while. This will reveal the option to paste. Tap on it and paste the caption.

Step-9– Here you will see the option to post on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well. If you want to post on these platforms also, then turn them on through the toggle button given in front of them.

Step-10– Now to finally repost you, tap on the check mark given in the top right corner of the screen.

Now your post will be reposted on Instagram. Try opening your Instagram app to confirm.

Reposta App

Repost on Instagram
Repost on Instagram

Step-1 and Step-2- Follow Step-1 and Step-2 given above to copy the link of Instagram Post.

Step-3- After copying the link, open the Reposta App. You will see that as soon as you open this app, the copied link is automatically pasted in the link paste place.

Step-4- Now tap on the Preview button given below. The preview of the post will appear on the next page as well as the caption below the post.

If you want to keep the same caption, then leave the toggle button with Copy Caption on the bottom or else turn it off.

There is also an option to save on this page. If you want to save this post in your phone, then as soon as you tap on it, that post will be saved in your phone’s memory.

Step-5- Now tap on repost button. As soon as you tap, a list of some applications installed in your phone will appear. This list will also have options for Instagram’s Feed, Chats and Stories.

Step-6- If you want to repost in your Feed, then tap on the option of Feed.

Now for the further process, follow the steps mentioned above from Step-6 to Step-12.

Reposter for Instagram

The interface of this application is slightly different. There are many options on the first page, like you can easily find an Instagram user by their username.

Just you should know his username, after that put that username in the search box given on the first page and tap on the enter button.

Now all the photos and videos posted by that user will be visible. The post you want to repost, tap on the repost button at the bottom right of the post.

Another way is to copy and repost the link from Instagram’s App. For this you have to follow Step-1 and Step-2 mentioned above .

Step-3- After copying the link, open the Reposter App. As soon as the app is opened, the copied link will be automatically detected by the app and the options of Repost now and Save to repost later will come in front.

Step-4- Tap on Repost now option. On this page the option of Repost setting will be available.

In this you get photo editor, copy caption along with many more options. But all these options are for paid users.

If you are using the free version of this app, then you cannot even copy the caption and you will have to manually type the caption.

Tap on the Repost button given below the Repost setting.

Step-5- As soon as you tap on Repost, Instagram icons of Chats, Feed and Stories will appear.

Step-6- To repost in Feed, tap on the icon of Feed.

Now for the further process, follow the steps mentioned above from Step-6 to Step-12.

How to repost a reel on Instagram

When you see a reel you like on Instagram, you can repost or share it to your own feed or story. If you want to repost a reel on Instagram, here is what you need to do-

  1. Find the reel you want to repost
  2. Tap the share button below the reel (the paper airplane)
  3. Tap Add reel to your story or Share to feed.
  4. If you want, you can edit the reel before sharing it. To do this, tap Edit at the top of the screen. You can also trim the video if you want.
  5. Add any caption or hashtags you want and then tap “Share.”

That’s all there is to it! Reposting a reel on Instagram is easy and only takes a few seconds. When you share a reel, it will appear on your feed or in your story just like any other post. Keep in mind that reels you have shared will have a little icon next to them, so people know they are not original content.

If you unarchive a post on Instagram does it repost?

If you want to archive an Instagram post for any reason, you can. This does not delete your post, but temporarily goes to an archive folder.

Now you have unarchived a post and you are wondering whether this post will be reposted again.

So, if you unarchive a post on Instagram, it is reposted to its original position on your profile in the same place it was first posted. That is, when you unarchive that post, it will not appear again in the feed. Also, the date of this unarchived post will be same on which it was posted for the first time. This is because the post is reposted to the same place on your profile where it was first posted.

This post you unarchive won’t show up as a new post on other people’s feeds. Instagram does not notify your followers if you unarchive a post.

But, whenever they come to know that you have unarchived a post, they can engage with that post again as before. They can comment and like that post. You can also edit the caption and location of that post.


As you have seen, Instagram Reposting is not a very difficult task and it is made very easy by third party apps.

All you have to do is find User Generated Content on Instagram according to your brand and you can easily do further work by following the steps mentioned above.

But we would like to say once more that before reposting any User Generated Content, keep some things in mind. Like-
i) Before reposting, definitely take permission from the content creator.
ii) Even if you want to edit something in that post, do it only after taking permission from the content creator.
iii) Do not forget to give credit to that user while reposting.