How to Optimize Pinterest Boards

If you want to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog, then it is very important to optimize Pinterest Boards and also organize them.

Because you know how important Pinterest Boards are to bring traffic to your blog or promote a product.

If you keep optimizing Pinterest boards, they increase the performance of your Pinterest and you will get a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

To optimize and organize Pinterest boards is oftenly called cleaning up the boards.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to optimize and organize your Pinterest Boards so that your Boards perform well.

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How to Optimize Pinterest Boards?

Optimize Pinterest Boards
Optimize Pinterest Boards

If you have a blog or YouTube channel, then you must be well aware of optimization.

We optimize the content of a blog or YouTube so that it can come on top in the search engine or get a good rank. Optimization increases the number of readers or viewers on your blog or YouTube channel and also your followers.

Similarly, Pinterest Boards also need to be optimized so that they can come in the search of Pinterest and users can save your pins as much as possible.

Here we have listed some important ways to optimize Pinterest Boards. If you follow them then sure these tips will be beneficial to you.

Title should be very clear and complete

To optimize Pinterest Boards, keep the title of Boards very clear and complete. This is a very important step in optimizing Pinterest Boards.

To keep title clear and complete, never put unnecessary keywords in the title. Because keywords give some meaning to the title of your board.

If you used irrelevant and unclear keywords, neither the search engine of Pinterest nor the user would be able to understand.

If a user is looking for a board by typing a specific keyword, then the search engine can easily understand your board title and your board can also come in the top rank if title of your board is clear and complete.

It is not necessary that the title of your board should be abruptly short. If you want, you can add some more important keywords to the title.

This does not harm your board’s ranking in any way, because you have used a clear keyword in the title.

You can take the help of Pinterest’s search engine to find keywords. This is also similar to Google search. As soon as you enter a keyword in the search box, then many keywords related to it start appearing at the bottom.

Add related keywords in the description of the board

Like the title of the boards, the description of the boards is also very important for the search algorithm of Pinterest.

Therefore, the board description should also be very clear and it should contain all the information related to your board.

Also keep in mind that the description of all your boards must contain related keywords. As you would know, how important are keywords to search engines.

If your description does not have proper and sufficient amount of keywords, then your boards will not be able to come up in the search. This will also not improve the ranking of your boards.

But this also does not mean to put unnecessary keywords in the description. This looks spammy to the Pinterest algorithm.

Due to this the ranking of your Boards will start falling instead of improving and users will not be able to access your Boards.

So put appropriate keywords in the description, as per the need and explicitly.

Add a good profile picture and board cover image

We want to make it clear here that your profile picture and Board cover image on Pinterest has no effect on Pinterest’s search algorithms.

But they definitely help enhance the user experience on Pinterest. This increases the traffic on your boards, which is likely to increase the number of subscribers as well.

So your profile picture should be of good quality and board cover image should be of good quality as well as professional which is related to your business or brand.

Also keep in mind that if there is any text above the cover image, it should be in such a place that it is completely visible and not cut off from somewhere.

Keep Boards in proper and detailed categories

Choosing a proper category is a very important factor in optimizing the boards.

Put all your boards in the most appropriate category. This is also required for the search algorithm.

If a user is looking for Boards under a category and one of your boards is in that category, then Pinterest can show your Board to that user.

But if you have not given any proper category to your board then all your hard work will go in vain.

Therefore, till now you have not given any category to your boards, then you can still give category using the option of Edit your board.

Place enough number of Pins in all the Boards

If you want your boards to perform well, then you have to keep a sufficient number of pins in each of your boards.

Sometimes you forget to make Boards, even then you have to find them and put more Pins inside them. And if you make new boards, then you must put at least 50 pins in them.

But keep in mind that when you are updating the old boards, then put new pins related to that board in them.

This not only improves the ranking of your Boards, as well as if users see a sufficient number of Pins on your Boards, then the chances of saving them increase.

Keep Updating Boards

If you have some boards that even after being old, you do not want to remove or hide them, then at least keep updating them from time to time.

Because sometimes they do not update something in the boards, then they do not perform as well as they should.

Updating here means putting the latest keywords in their titles as needed, changing their cover images, adding some more pins, etc.

After updating, those boards may perform well. So check them out and update them.

Organize Pinterest Boards

When you’ve finished optimizing Pinterest Boards, it’s time to organize them.

Here we have listed some ways by which you can organize your boards.

Create Boards related to your niche

You should always create Pinterest Boards that are related to your niche and their category is related to the niche of your blog.

Here niche means on which topic your blog is based.

Yes, you can definitely do that by keeping more number of boards related to the niche of your blog. Under these boards, they can keep the pins of all the topics which are on your blog.

Also keep in mind that the number of boards should also be in sufficient number, as we have already mentioned. So always keep making new boards.

Keep the best performing boards and keep updating them

If you have converted your Pinterest account into a business account, then you can show the performance of your Pinterest Boards through Analytics.

Here you will get to know which of your boards are performing well. You make a list of them. Because you have to keep them.

There are many other such websites where you can check the performance of your Pinterest Boards.

But also keep in mind that these should be your Personal Boards and not Group Boards. Because their performance also depends on the colleagues of those boards.

Once you’ve decided which boards you want to keep, see if they need any updates.

If they need to be updated, try to update them at the same time. Otherwise, if you forget later, their ranking may drop due to being outdated.

Reorder your Pinterest Boards

When you create your boards on Pinterest, they are automatically arranged one after the other.

Even if you have created or joined any group board, they also remain in the same order along with your other boards.

Its biggest loss falls on the performance of your boards and overall the traffic on your blog declines.

The reason for this is that suppose some of your boards are performing well, but they are far behind in all your boards according to the order, then no user can reach there and clicks on them are reduced.

That is why whenever you make a new board, keep it in order according to a strategy. If you have created many boards, then Pinterest has a facility to re-order them.

First of all, we will tell how to re-order Pinterest Boards.

Follow the steps given below to re-order Pinterest Boards-

Step-1- Login to your Pinterest account and click on your profile icon to go to your Boards page.

Step-2 – Now where your Boards are visible, just above the right side near the + sign, Boards get an option of Sort boards by.

Here you get the following three options to shorten the boards – A to Z, Drag and drop, Last saved to

By selecting the option “A to Z”, the order of your boards becomes alphabetical. That is, the board whose name starts with A comes first in the sequence and whose name starts with Z goes to the last place.

If you choose the “Drag and drop” option, you can place your boards in any order by simply holding them with the mouse.

If you choose the third option “Last saved to”, then your boards which you have saved later come first and the same sequence goes on.

So now there are two questions that i) which of these options is the best and ii) what strategy should be adopted to keep the boards in the correct order.

The answer to the first question is that “Drag and drop” option is good for re-ordering the boards.

Secondly, we would like to suggest that you follow the below strategy to re-order your Pinterest Boards using the option of “Drag and drop”.

This is our own personal experience, which has been of great benefit.

The first place in the sequence should be that of the board which is directly related to your blog. That is, this board should contain only the Pins of your blog, not the Pins saved from anywhere else.

These boards tell about your brand in a good way. That’s why it’s good to have them in the first place in the sequence.

Next comes the boards that contain Pins related to the niche of your blog. You can also call them “Category Boards”. These contain Pins related to your niche and blog.

It is not necessary that only your blog has Pins. These may also contain Pins which have been saved from other place but they are related to your niche only.

The third order comes from your Group Boards. If you have created these Group Boards then you have complete control over them.

Still, their third place in the sequence remains correct.

After this, put the boards in which you are not sure in which category to put them. You don’t even want to delete them. In this way these boards are not very important for you.

Merge Pinterest Boards

When you are making boards, sometimes you unintentionally create some more boards on the same topic or category.

At that time, while creating Boards, you are not able to notice that you have already created a Board on such a topic or category.

In this way, while entering the pin, you are also unsure which board to choose. Also, if your audience sees many boards on the same topic, then there is a negative effect.

Boards that are the same can harm your other important boards as well.

Therefore, it is better to merge such boards, which give the same meaning, into one board.

But keep in mind that you may not be able to understand the boards of two categories by mistake and merge them.

Therefore, while merging those boards, the topic will have to be looked at very carefully.

Pinterest has such a facility that you can easily merge boards. For this follow the steps given below-

Step-1- Login to your Pinterest account and go to the profile page.

Step-2- Click on the board which you want to merge with any other board here.

Step-3- Now click on the three dots appearing near the name of that board. On clicking, many options will open. From these, click on Merge option.

Step-4- A list of all your boards will appear as soon as you click on Merge option.

Step-5- Now click on the already selected board with which of these boards you want to merge and then Done.

In this way the first board will merge with the second board.

Delete / Hide Pinterest Boards

Maybe you have ever created many such boards which were related to your niche at that time and were necessary.

But now those boards are not necessary for you nor are they too much related to the niche of your blog.

In such a situation, you should either delete those boards or hide them. But we would advise you that it would be better to hide them rather than delete them.

Because deleting them can have many disadvantages.

As such, you can lose only a small number of audiences who come to that board.

Secondly, deleting Boards has a negative effect on your Pinterest profile and this also negatively affects your overall performance on Pinterest.

So do not delete them and just hide them so that the performance of your other boards will not be affected negatively.

An important point here is that if you delete multiple Pins at once, it may be considered spam according to Pinterest. In this case, the performance of your other boards will be adversely affected by the Pinterest algorithm.


By reading this article, you must have understood how to optimize or organize Pinterest Boards so that they can perform well.

So if you have not yet optimized or organized Pinterest Boards, then the above steps must be followed.

Optimizing Pinterest Boards requires more attention to their title, description, profile picture or cover image.

The title and description should be very clear and must include keywords related to your blog.
Also, they should be updated from time to time.

Similarly, to organize the boards, re-order them, merge them, or delete / hide them as needed.

To check the performance of your boards, you can either use Pinterest Analytics or some websites that provide such facility.

But from time to time keep checking the performance of your Pinterest Boards.